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Facing a blank page is no small feat; it's where endless possibilities can either liberate or constrain. If knowing what to say but not how to start sounds familiar, you're not alone.

My expertise lies in navigating this initial hurdle, turning the vastness of a blank page into a structured narrative that captivates and resonates.

From tutoring to thought leadership and industry writing, my role is to give your ideas both direction and dynamism. Let's take that first step together and craft stories that not only speak but also matter.

My tutoring and mentoring service is a bespoke journey into the art of creative writing, tailored specifically to your own ambitions and the challenges you face. Built on a foundation of personal development, intellectual curiosity, and narrative craft, our journey together will span from the fundamentals of storytelling to the complexities of character creation, plot architecture, and thematic exploration. My goal is to nurture a collaborative and stimulating environment that not only refines your writing skills but also bolsters your analytical thinking and research prowess. Perfect for emerging writers aiming to hone their craft, professionals looking to inject narrative into their work, or anyone keen to discover their creative voice.


Crafting thought leadership content is all about setting you apart, giving voice to your expertise in a way that resonates with authority and authenticity. It's a blend of deep research, keen analysis, and creative storytelling, aimed at producing pieces—articles, white papers, reports—that not only highlight your insights but also position you as a leader in your field. This service goes beyond mere writing; it's about sparking meaningful conversations and driving innovation by engaging your audience with content that matters.

Looking to mesh creativity with business goals? I'm here to help. My journey through books, scripts, digital content, and comics has equipped me with the knack for crafting stories that don't just draw in readers—they resonate. This service is about tapping into what makes your project unique and delivering a story that hits home with your audience while pushing you towards your strategic ambitions. With a bespoke process from the word 'go' to the final full stop, I'm dedicated to making sure your message doesn't just engage—it stands out.


Speaking Services 

Unlike most, I enjoy public speaking engagements drawing from my rich background in teaching, my current lectures at UCL, and extensive research through my PhD on the phenomenological experience of stories. With experience in diverse creative projects and a profound understanding of narrative theory, I am an ideal keynote speaker for conferences, workshops, and educational events. My talks are not only informative but also deeply engaging, tailored to spark curiosity and inspire audiences across the creative spectrum. Whether discussing the intricacies of storytelling, the fusion of technology and narrative, or the journey through academia and the arts, I bring a unique perspective that enriches any event.


Discover the art of storytelling with Jamie Rhodes short course designed for anyone eager to bring their creative ideas to life.



Each writer's journey is unique, and I'm here to support yours. Whether you're looking for brainstorming sessions or concrete project support, I'm ready to collaborate with you to craft a plan tailored to your needs. Here's a glimpse into some of the projects I've been privileged to be a part of.
We have worked with Jamie since 2017. He has provided writing and content leadership in all areas of our marketing. Web copy, emails, product brochures, film scripts, blogs, thought leadership articles, and social media. He understands our business and how best to represent us to clients. His work is always to the highest standard and his passion for his craft makes him a delight to work with.” 

Kerri Mallinson, Head of Content & Digital Marketing
“Jamie wrote and built our original website when we first launched, working with us from pre-start to understand our business and how we wanted to present ourselves to potential customers. He developed the structure and story behind the customer journey for anyone landing on the site, and helped us to reach page 1 of Google for key search terms we wanted to rank for.” 

Christa Leask, Founder & Director


Jamie helped me to write my menus and promotional flyers. He was quick, easy to work with, and affordable for a small business needing straightforward writing support.”

Ashley Edgley, Business Owner




Dive into Jamie's blog for thought-provoking insights and stories that bridge the gap between everyday experiences and the complex tapestry of narrative theory.


Leveraging my success in securing Arts Council funding, I offer a consultancy to guide creatives through the application maze. It's all about strategic foresight—from dreaming up your project to penning a compelling application that showcases your vision and its impact. Focused on narrative strength and clear communication, I'm here to simplify the application complexities, ensuring your proposal shines to funders. This is a game-changer for artists and writers eager for financial backing to bring their innovative ideas to life.

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