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Jamie initiated the “Plant Stories” project in late 2022, marking the beginning of a year-long writer-in-residence at Edibles Permaculture Farm. This experience was deeply immersive, offering Jamie the opportunity to blend his passion for storytelling with hands-on involvement in permaculture practices. The project was not just about writing; it was about living and working within the farm's ecosystem, gaining first hand insight into the interconnectedness of life that permaculture emphasises​​​​.
During his residency, Jamie engaged in various farm activities, which informed and inspired the short stories included in “Plant Stories." The project also featured overnight writing retreats, where participants could camp on the farm, connecting with nature and permaculture principles in a profound way. These retreats were designed to foster creativity and deepen the participants' understanding of the themes explored in Jamie's writing​​.
"Plant Stories" is set to be published in 2024, with a launch event planned that reflects the project's commitment to creativity, community, and permaculture. This event, a culmination of the residency's journey, will celebrate the connections forged between participants, the natural world, and the stories that emerged from this unique collaboration​​​​​​.
The project, supported by Arts Council England, showcases Jamie's dedication to exploring nature's narratives and his commitment to using creative arts to foster a deeper connection between people and the environment. "Plant Stories" embodies a movement towards sustainability and community growth through creative storytelling.
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The captivating world of "Plant Stories" is ready to blossom at a special launch event, culminating Jamie Rhodes' year-long journey of exploring the magic of edible plants through creative fiction. This Arts Council England-supported project, a testament to the power of nature and storytelling, finally reaches its exciting peak this August at The Artworks in Halifax.

Join Jamie Rhodes and the talented illustrator Talya Baldwin as they unveil the world they've meticulously crafted within the pages of "Plant Stories." Witness firsthand the collaborative spirit that brought these narratives to life, celebrating not just the book itself but also our deep connection to the natural world. This launch event marks a significant milestone, not just for the creators and supporters of the project but for everyone who shares a passion for art, storytelling, and our vibrant ecosystem.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of something special! Pre-order your copy of "Plant Stories" and secure your spot at the launch event to join a community passionate about the very themes explored within the book's pages. Register today and become part of a momentous occasion that celebrates the fusion of art, nature, and the power of storytelling.



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