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Jamie Rhodes is a multi-faceted writer and academic, known for his ability to weave together complex narratives across various mediums including comics, screenplays, books, and tabletop role-playing games. With a distinguished career spanning over a decade, Jamie's work is deeply rooted in philosophy, exploring the human condition through a unique lens of storytelling. Currently, Jamie is enriching the minds of the next generation as a Lecturer in Creative Writing at University College London (UCL), where he imparts his extensive knowledge and experience to students while completing his PhD. His interdisciplinary study in Creative Writing, Philosophy, and Digital Arts examines the phenomenological experience of story immersion, a theme that resonates throughout his creative projects.
Jamie's passion for storytelling extends beyond academia into his professional work as a published writer and screenwriter. His first graphic novel, A Castle in England, received critical acclaim and was nominated for an Eisner Award, showcasing his talent for blending historical narratives with engaging visual storytelling. His commitment to his craft is further exemplified by his involvement in film, where he wrote and co-directed Amputee (2020), an award-winning short film that received international recognition.
As a dedicated member of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain, Jamie's contributions to the writing community are vast, including his role as the former Chair of the Guild's London & SE region. His leadership and commitment to fostering new talent in the arts have made a significant impact on the industry.

    Jamie studied Philosophy at Manchester Metropolitan University, where he focused on Heidegger and Phenomenology, before training as a script reader and founding a filmmaking collective called Donkey Stone Films. He wrote short films and made documentaries in the UK, as well as travelling the world documenting The Homeless World Cup.

  • In 2011 he founded and managed a charity, The Homeless Film Festival. Through this, he taught creative writing, screenwriting, and filmmaking in homeless shelters and charities. Every two years, at cinemas throughout the UK and Ireland, The Homeless Film Festival screened films made by homeless and vulnerable people, as well as feature films that tackle issues surrounding homelessness. After chairing the charity for three years, Jamie stepped back to focus on his writing career.


  • Jamie’s first book was published in 2014 through an Arts Council England project in which he worked with the British Library to write a collection of stories inspired by unusual documents in the library archives. The collection, Dead Men’s Teeth, launched with a series of dramatic readings at the British Library‘s Brontë Room, to a sell-out crowd. The stories were reviewed by Oscar-nominated screenwriter, Olivia Hetreed, as “Gold, mined and minted”.


  • His first graphic novel was a collaboration with the National Trust entitled A Castle in England. He was Scotney Castle’s first Writer-in-Residence, writing a graphic novel inspired by the castle’s archive collection. The book was published by Nobrow Press in 2017, and nominated for a prestigious Eisner Award at San Diego Comic Con 2018.

    Internationally, Jamie was funded by the Kone Foundation to spend time living in the Finnish wilderness on the ruins of an early 20th century mental health sanatorium, and write a graphic novel. The project saw him collaborate with award-winning comics creator, Emmi Nieminen, and indie games designer Erkka Lehmus. Together they created Elämänmäki: Hill of Life, telling the story of the final days at Dr. E. W. Lybeck’s remote natural therapies sanatorium.


  • Jamie then moved back to the North of England from London and combined creative work with corporate writing and film directing. He wrote an award-winning short film, Amputee (2020), and co-directed this with Polish-English filmmaker Agnieszka Rudel. The film made the official selection of 22 film festivals in countries worldwide. It won Best Short Film in both the Eastern Europe International Movie Awards and Krimson Horyzon International Film Festival, and was nominated for Best Short Film at Cannes Shorts.


  • In 2021, Jamie started his PhD in Philosophy & Creative Writing. He is currently writing his thesis, Alternate Realities: the Phenomenological Experience of Story Immersion. As well as the academic theory component of this PhD, the creative writing outcome has led Jamie to develop a social movement called One Green Wizard. This is aimed at using story immersion and gamification techniques to improve quality of life and mental wellbeing. It is scheduled to launch in 2024.


  • The most recent addition to Jamie’s repertoire of writing crafts, is writing for tabletop role-playing games (TTRPG). He was commissioned by Heavyarms TTRPG publisher and content creator, to write creatively for The Gunslinger (2021) Dungeons and Dragons character class. Read more about this and the writing process for TTRPG classes here. Jamie is currently writing his second TTRPG project for Heavyarms. The Ranger D&D 5E class supplement is due for release in August 2022.






In late 2022, Jamie Rhodes embarked on a year-long journey as writer-in-residence at Edibles Permaculture Farm. This immersive experience became the fertile ground for "Plant Stories," a unique collection of short stories blending his passion for storytelling with hands-on exploration of permaculture principles.
Jamie's residency wasn't just about writing - it was about living and breathing the farm's ecosystem. He actively participated in various farm activities, gaining firsthand understanding of the interconnectedness of life, a core principle of permaculture.
Creativity blooms in nature: The project also hosted overnight writing retreats, allowing participants to camp on the farm and deeply connect with nature and permaculture principles. These retreats fostered creativity and ignited deeper understanding of the themes explored in Jamie's writing.
A story takes root: "Plant Stories" is set for publication in 2024, with a launch event reflecting the project's core values of creativity, community, and permaculture. This event will celebrate the connections forged between participants, the natural world, and the stories that emerged from this collaborative journey. Supported by Arts Council England, "Plant Stories" showcases Jamie's dedication to exploring the narratives of nature and fostering a deeper connection between people and the environment through creative arts. It embodies a movement towards sustainability and community growth through the power of storytelling.
Jamie-Rhodes-Plant-Stories-Overnight-Retreat-Edibles-Permaculture-Farm, Slaithwaite
Jamie-Rhodes-Plant-Stories-Overnight-Retreat-Edibles-Permaculture-Farm, Slaithwaite
Jamie-Rhodes-Plant-Stories-Edibles-Permaculture-Farm, Slaithwaite
The captivating world of "Plant Stories" is ready to blossom at a special launch event, culminating Jamie Rhodes' year-long journey of exploring the magic of edible plants through creative fiction. This Arts Council England-supported project, a testament to the power of nature and storytelling, finally reaches its exciting peak this August at The Artworks in Halifax.

Join Jamie Rhodes and the talented illustrator Talya Baldwin as they unveil the world they've meticulously crafted within the pages of "Plant Stories." Witness firsthand the collaborative spirit that brought these narratives to life, celebrating not just the book itself but also our deep connection to the natural world. This launch event marks a significant milestone, not just for the creators and supporters of the project but for everyone who shares a passion for art, storytelling, and our vibrant ecosystem.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of something special! Pre-order your copy of "Plant Stories" and secure your spot at the launch event to join a community passionate about the very themes explored within the book's pages. Register today and become part of a momentous occasion that celebrates the fusion of art, nature, and the power of storytelling.






“An utterly charming delight,snapshots of British history viewed through the people who have lived in and around this castle for almost seven hundred years, a reminder, if one be needed, that these magnificent structures are more than just our architectural heritage..this is a lovely and unusual addition to British comics shelves, and a charming read for both those well-versed in history and those who are only dipping their toes in, curious to know more.”

Forbidden Planet

Olivia Hetreed, BAFTA nominated screenwriter of Girl with a Pearl Earring, and Wuthering Heights (2011 film). President of th

“In Dead Men’s Teeth and Other Stories Jamie Rhodes has mined and minted gold from the British Library Archives. Inspired by sources as various as a ship’s surgeon’s log, verbatim interviews, diaries or even advertisements for false teeth, Rhodes gives us glimpses into unexpected places, the forgotten corners of history, in stories told with the authentic weirdness of truth; touching, quirky and humane.”


Olivia Hetreed, BAFTA nominated screenwriter of Girl with a Pearl Earring, and Wuthering Heights (2011 film). President of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.

Lainy Malkani, Author (Sugar Sugar, 2017)

“Jamie has an infectious love of words and a belief that as an aspiring author you can do better. He is a gentle force that keeps you focused on what you can achieve and the kind of mentor that pushes you to succeed.” – Lainy Malkani, author (Sugar, Sugar: Bitter Sweet Tales of Indian Migrant Workers. 2017)


Lainy Malkani, Author (Sugar Sugar, 2017)

"Something really rather wonderful"

Pipedream Comics



Jamie is in the final year of his PhD studying The Phenomenological Experience of Stories, which delves into how deeply engaging narratives alter our perception of the world. Through the lens of phenomenology, Jamie examines the transformative power of storytelling, connecting this to the immersive experiences found in his diverse writing portfolio. His work aims to bridge theoretical research with practical storytelling insights, offering readers a unique perspective on the impact of narrative on our understanding of reality.

For more insights on this fascinating topic or to book him as a keynote speaker for events and guest lectures, please feel free to reach out.


Discover the art of storytelling with Jamie Rhodes short course designed for anyone eager to bring their creative ideas to life.

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